About Us

PLURtags are charms created to keep ravers, event goers, and festival lovers connected with the people they trade with. Not only that, but you have the capability to leave comments and even see the traveled distance of your PLURtags. With each piece engraved with it’s own ID#, you will never have a missed connection again. Rave. Trade. Connect.

After receiving my first kandi bracelet back in 2013 at TomorrowWorld I continuously wondered who that person was who gave it to me. This bracelet soon became my inspiration for my idea and about a year later PLURtags was launched.


How it Works

Create a Profile

Register your newly purchased charm ID# or traded charm ID#
Link your social media platforms and leave comments

Create Kandi

Design original pieces and string PLURtags onto each to never miss a connection again.

Rave. Trade. Connect.

At each event trade away, stay connected and even see the tags distance traveled!


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RollRandom & PLURtags Collab Tag

This new plastic piece is molded to fit nicely on your wrist. Sold in bundles of 5, you can’t go wrong. String this piece right onto your kandi bracelet and trade away.

PLURtags - Bundle of 3

PLURtags are charms created to keep you connected with the people you trade with. Keep old friends, gain new friends and create relationships.